Hope you’re having a great first week of the year!

That’s all we wanted to say! Hope everyone is enjoying being back on campus. Or, if you didn’t really leave campus over the summer, hope you’re enjoying the buzz of having everyone back in Kent!

We know the beginning of the year can be a little hectic — what with new schedules to memorize, classrooms to find, books to buy — but you can do it! And remember that it’s not all work — what else comes with every new year?

You bet! — new people to meet, and new opportunities to get involved on campus.

Did you know that Kent State has over 350 student organizations on campus?? If you enjoy joining groups, meeting people and making new friends, joining a student org is a great way to do those things. Click here for information.

And if you haven’t already guessed — FLASHanthropy is a student org, too! Join us!