So, I came across this amazing lion through an internet search, and learned that it has a rare condition called melanism.

Melanism is a recessive trait where the skin and fur are all black. Kind of sweet, right? A unique beauty that should be appreciated. (Much like Kent State’s own black squirrels – scroll down for more about our furry campus friends!)


Here are a few more animals with this rare trait:





And, here you go… our very own black squirrel!

A1FN14 / Black Squirrel

Yep, that’s right, our black squirrels are melanistic and that is why their fur is so dark. So if someone asks, tell ‘em who taught ya!

And while you’re at it, explain all the benefits of supporting or joining FLASHanthropy and paying it forward here at Kent State!



Just about a week left, guys! We can do this! After a LONG semester, I know we are all ready to go home. There are a countless number of reasons, but we narrowed it down to 24. So, take a break from studying for finals, kick back, relax and enjoy!

1. WE ARE DYING TO GO HOME TO OUR HOLIBAES – Sure, being here is nice and there are lots of lovely people at school, but there’s nothing like that special someone we take to our cousin’s Christmas party, then never see them again.
2. HOME COOKED MEALS – Prentice Cafe is nice every day, but just think about mom’s homemade spaghetti. Need we say more?
3. WE HAVE GRUDGES AGAINST OUR PROFESSORS NOW – I know we can’t wait to get away from our professors who, for some reason, have never heard of a 10% curve. It’s fine. It really is.
4. I MISS MY MOM – Not sure about you, but being away from my Mom for more than 2 weeks is too long for me. I haven’t been around her long enough to get tired of her in a long time. See you soon, Ma!
5. NO HOMEWORK - NO homework. Period.
6. QUALITY FAMILY TIME – Tired of being called a stranger by your aunts and grandparents? Me too. Let’s give them some quality time this winter. We can do a little better than the bi-monthly phone call apologizing for not calling!
7. CATCH UP ON SLEEP IN OUR REAL BEDS – There is no place like home. And by home, I mean our home beds. Sink into your comfortable beds at home, and forget about those beds you lay on top of at school.
8. MISS OUR HOME FRIENDS – Our school friends are great. But, we finally get a chance to miss them for a month. Take this time and tell your home friends how much they are missing out not being at Kent State.
9. STRESS FREE /DO NOTHING TIME – Ah, a feeling like no other. Sleeping for 32 hours straight and not having to worry about homework? Please let Friday come faster…
10. TIME TO MAKE EXTRA CASH - Since we have so much going on during the semester, we hardly have time to relax, let alone work for extra money. Seize the opportunity to work a little bit and fluff up your bank account. Then, come back to school and give a little bit to your peers through FLASHanthropy!
11. A BREAK FROM OUR ROOMMATES – He smells bad, she doesn’t do her laundry, there are guys in and out of the room, he borrows your toothpaste without asking… Trust me, we understand. Appreciate your break from them.
12. SHOWERING WITHOUT SHOES – Worry no more about the fearful fungi that may swim in the pools of water around these community bathrooms. Take a shower and wiggle your toes. Take several showers and appreciate every moment of shoeless cleansing.
13. SHAMELESS, GUILTLESS, SHOWER SINGING - Some res halls have rules against loud music and shower singing. The worst you’ll get at home is a few jokes from your dad. In the shower is the only time you will ever be Beyonce — so live that moment up!
Ringy Dingy(1)
14. DANCING AROUND THE HOUSE IN OUR SOCKS AND UNDERWEAR – I am fairly certain that our dorms and apartments aren’t big enough to dance around when we’re in the mood…
15. CUDDLE TIME WITH OUR PETS – Not that cuddling with our textbooks isn’t great and all, but nothing beats fluffy time with our pets. I’m sure they miss us just as much as we miss them.
16. TV, CABLE, DVR – For a brief period, finding out what just happened on your favorite show through everyone on social media is over. Watch it live, tweet and ruin it for someone else.
17. ACTUAL PLACES TO SHOP - All the malls are pretty far out and, at this point, hardly worth visiting. Finally being able to walk around a mall is going to be nice.
18. PARKING OUR CAR RIGHT OUTSIDE OF THE HOUSE – Finding a parking space will no longer be a stressor. FINALLY!
19. And….NO PARKING TICKETS – Park in the driveway and have no worries about the potential yellow slip you might see outside later. Save up some money so you can pay parking tickets in the Spring, or give online to the Pay It Flash Forward Scholarship! We could all use a little help.
20. NO ALARM CLOCKS - Is there any other reason to set an alarm, aside from waking up for Christmas? Nope. Sleep in, every day.
21. HIBERNATE – Stay in bed for the entire winter break if you need to. Honestly. No one is judging you — its cold out there!
22. SANTA – There is no Santa in college and presents are minimal. Watch the amount of times you see your name on a gift get smaller and smaller each year as you grow older. But remember, it’s still more than you’ll get at school!
23. NAPS - Nap here, nap there, nap everywhere. Make up for all of the all-nighters you pulled this semester.
24. HOBBY TIME - Did you get to read as much as you would’ve liked this semester? What about paint? Knit? Wow, college really does eat away your time. Try to fit a few projects in this winter while you’re not asleep, and don’t forget about the things you really love but don’t get time to enjoy.
And if you’re up to it, volunteer at a local shelter or Salvation Army, they’ll really appreciate your help. And with any money you save over the holiday, make sure you remember us, FLASHANTHROPY!
With much love and joy,
Happy Holidays!
(nudge nudge: Donate!)


After Black Friday and Cyber Monday comes #GivingTuesday, a global day dedicated to giving back. #GivingTuesday occurred on Tuesday, Dec. 2, 2014 at Kent State and it was a great success! Here are some #unselfies taken on campus to celebrate philanthropy and giving.