Kent State Establishes Passport Fund

A passport might be an item many college students rarely think about obtaining, until they need it. In the same regards they likely may not have the funds, either.

The cost of a passport today can cost you up to $110, which unfortunately for some “ends their journey before it begins.” says CCI Dean Amy Reynolds Ph.D.

The good news is the Kent State University College of Communication and Information now has a donor-funded called the “First Passport Fund.” It will provide students in the program that are interested in studying abroad the ability to obtain a passport for the first-time.

There are some stipulations however. The College of Communication and Information will reimburse the cost of first passports, and not renewals. Students applying must also carry a 2.5 GPA and demonstrate financial need.

The first round of students have been approved for their passports. Read more to see what they are studying and where they will be traveling!

For more information or to contribute to the fund, contact Smith at or 330-672-8147.


Don’t let winter get you down!

[Photo credit: Ralphie’s little brother, still from the classic 1983 film “A Christmas Story”]

A list of “The 15 things you’ll regret not doing at Kent State University” made us remember how important it is to work some extracurricular activities  into your college years.

Most graduates agree — one thing they’re all glad they did while they were students was to take advantage of the many opportunities that exist on and around campus to get out and do things! Whether your thing is volunteering for causes near and dear to your heart, or just getting together with a bunch of friends to do something fun, everyone agrees that getting involved in as many ways as your class schedule will allow will play a big part in making your college days memorable, enjoyable and productive!

Some of our favorites from the list:

  • Go to the Black Squirrel Festival. Learn more about FLASHanthropy, plus sign-up for free raffles to win cool KSU swag or electronics!
  • Join an organization! Like FLASHanthropy, which raises awareness and financial support from students for Kent State students.
  • Help the Flashes defeat the Zips — by cheering them on with a group of FLASHanthropists!
  • Paint the rock, like FLASHanthropy does on occasion!
  • Visit the Fashion Museum! You should check it out! And heads-up — don’t forget that we’ll have The Wandering Wardrobe back on campus in April!
  • Go sledding down a hill! Get on it! — you only have 2-1/2 months of winter left!
  • Watching the boys werk at the Mr. Flash Pageant!
  • Take a selfie with President Warren!

What’s on your KSU “not-to-miss” list? Share with us here, tag us on Instagram or tweet us doing something you find list-worthy!


Meet a “Mighty” Philanthropist

Kent State senior, Cassidy Branco

Cassidy Branco (Nutrition, ’17) didn’t realize the importance of philanthropy before she came to Kent State.  It wasn’t until her student success leader connected her with “The Mighty Pack,” a volunteer organization that fills backpacks for K-12 aged children, that she felt called to give back.

“The program helps children and adolescents who receive free or reduced-cost lunches. Historically, these kids do not have enough food to last throughout the week, or over the course of a weekend,” Cassidy says.

The Mighty Pack also provides one dinner for Friday night and three daily meals and a snack for the weekend. The group currently feeds a group consisting of from 25-50 kids — and they go beyond providing meals, also helping to educate young people about healthy lifestyles for long-term health.

Cassidy is working to established a fund at Kent State so that money raised can be used to purchase canned foods, fresh dairy or shelf-stable items that keep longer, as well as more perishable fresh fruits and vegetables. The program relies entirely on gifts and food donations. Cassidy’s dream is to have a fund in place so that Kent State alumni who wish to can support the work that they do.

“I do this because it gives kids a complete nutritional background and keeps them fed! Everything we do is healthy and USDA MyPlate centered. Students get meals that are actually nutritious,” Cassidy explains.

“Even giving an hour of your time can impact someone’s life, no matter what it is that you do for them,” Cassidy says. “It’s been very emotional for me, ever since I saw the smiles on their faces as a result of having a delicious, well-prepared meal. It’s more than a volunteer experience now.”

For more information about The Mighty Pack, email Natalie Caine-Bish.



Kent State University’s Department of Career Exploration and Development may have just had one of the best ideas ever! It recently launched a new internship program that will expose students to career experiences and provide companies with an opportunity to recruit talented students.

“Flashternships” will offer freshmen and sophomores with opportunities to observe firsthand what the world of work looks like through job-shadowing and mini-internships — some of which will be as short as one day. Participants will observe a full day’s work, which may include attending meetings and work groups, to see what a typical “real-world” work day looks like.

“Short-term internship experiences will give students the opportunity to redirect their career focus without a long-term commitment like a traditional semester-long internship,” says Dr. John Jewell, the strategic initiatives and assessment director for University College. “This program will allow the students to sample more than one internship within a single academic year.”

Check out the full article here to learn how to apply and to see what businesses will be piloting the partnership program.

And, while we’re talking about building those skills — becoming a member of FLASHanthropy is another great way to build your resume! If you’ve been thinking about coming to a meeting, now’s a perfect time! — new year, new you!