10 Real Reasons 2015 is the Greatest Year Ever!

10 Real Reasons 2015 is the Greatest Year Ever!

  1. We are Living Longer! Yes, this is obvious news to us. However, since 2009 infant mortality rates have fallen drastically. Today 7,256 fewer infants die every day! Also, the average age of death in Switzerland went from 78 to 83 years since 1990.livinglonger
  2. More People Across the World Can Read! The global adult literacy rate is projected to reach 86% by 2015 and the youth literacy rate should reach 92%. Overall, literacy is improving, especially among young people. Because literate young people grow up to be literate adults, the future is full of readers.reading
  3. The World is Winning the War on Poverty! In 2000, 33% of the world population was living in poverty. Today, it’s 21%. While that means more than 1 in 5 people live in poverty, it’s still enormous progress — and it means that the world has effectively halved its poverty rate in just 20 years.poverty
  4. We Are Fighting AIDS and Winning! Deaths from AIDS-related causes are going down. Access to treatment is going up. An HIV diagnosis is no longer considered a death sentence. In developed countries, a 20 year old with HIV can expect to live into their 70’s if treated properly.aids
  5. We Care and Accept People More! Look around. We are living in a world that keeps everyone in check in terms of acceptance. Our progress in the United States alone since 2000 has been outstanding in terms of acceptance. Gay marriage, African American President, the list could go on and on. There’s still lots of progress to be made, but we’re on the right track world!hands
  6. Violent Crime Dropping Hard! Violent crime rates are 1/3 of what they were in 1995. Rape rates have dropped 1/6 of what they were 20 years ago. Countries all over the world have experienced this trend as well.crime
  7. Malaria is Losing! Malaria deaths are going down radically. If we keep up this pace of prevention and treatment, by 2015 the rate of malaria mortality will be 56% lower than it was in 2000.Global action to fight malaria is saving 700 lives every day, right now.  malaria
  8. Ethiopia is Getting Better! Ethiopia was once the poster-child (literally) for problems of malnutrition, health, and other issues.Today, Ethiopia proves that seemingly intractable problems can be solved through hard work and community outreach.ethiopia
  9. We are Less Hungry! Fewer people are going hungry around the world. Since 1990, hunger has declined by 132 million people.nothungry
  10. Guinea Worm, See Ya Later! For only the second time in human history, we are on the verge of eradicating a human disease from the face of the Earth.guineaworm

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So, I came across this amazing lion through an internet search, and learned that it has a rare condition called melanism.

Melanism is a recessive trait where the skin and fur are all black. Kind of sweet, right? A unique beauty that should be appreciated. (Much like Kent State’s own black squirrels – scroll down for more about our furry campus friends!)


Here are a few more animals with this rare trait:





And, here you go… our very own black squirrel!

A1FN14 / Black Squirrel

Yep, that’s right, our black squirrels are melanistic and that is why their fur is so dark. So if someone asks, tell ‘em who taught ya!

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