Stewardship Committee

Gracias! Danke! Mahalo! Grazie!

There are lots of ways to say thank you — so we created the Stewardship Committee because the best way to make things happen is with the support, collaboration and help of other people. The Gratitude Committee makes sure that everyone we work with is acknowledged for their help. Stewardship has some very important events throughout the year such as Thank-A-Giver Day, Giving Tuesday, Thank-a-thon, and Drop-In events.


  • Nicole Mabus ’19, Stewardship Chair
  • Mallory Doughty ’19, Stewardship Officer
  • Savannah Justus ’16, Thank-A-Giver Day Officer
  • Angela Ehrich, ’16, Stewardship Officer
  • Alexis Garcia ’17, Stewardship Officer

If you think you’d enjoy being a member of the Stewardship Committee, email Nicole Mabus.