Campus Relations Committee

What is Flashanthropy? Members of the Campus Relations Committee are responsible for sharing the mission of Flashanthropy. You will find us all over campus, introducing ourselves and talking about what it means to be a Flashanthropist. The Outreach Committee promotes awareness of the role that philanthropy plays at Kent State and educates classmates by participating in events and visiting other student organizations.

We are currently seeking officers for Fall Semester 2016!


  • Jensen Hykes – ’17, Campus Relations Chair
  • Ashley Leggott – ’20, Recruitment Officer
  • Olivia Slater – ’20, Recruitment Officer
  • Bryce Ott – ’19, Organization Visits & Campus Outreach Officer

If you would like someone to help educate your group on philanthropy, or if you have any questions, email 

FLASHanthropist Jensen Hykes and Angie Ehrich visit a non -profit class on March 1st.