Giving to FLASHanthropy is easy!
Take a deep breath, smile, and think about the students you are helping!

If your donation is less than $25.00 or in check/cash form, please tweet @FLASHanthropy or email and a FLASHanthropist will contact you about how to give to them in person.

  1. If your donation is $25.00 or more, click here

  2. Now you’re on the site! Please fill out all the Information About You and enter your gift amount.

  3. Okay, STOP! This is Step 3 (very important step)! We need you to click Let me decided where to designate my gift. Please scroll down to the Pay It Flash Forward Scholarship under “Special Interest” and select it.

  4. Now, click “View a Summary of Your Gift.” Take a look and if it’s all good, submit it!

  5. See, that was easy! Thank you so much for your gift to Kent State students. You’re now a FLASHanthropist like us!