2016 Scholarship Recipients

Lauren Pankiw

Meet Lauren Pankiw, Kent State University alumna and 2016 Pay It FLASH Forward Scholarship Recipient.

Goals: “I’m going to be a Physician Assistant, and am currently applying for my Master’s degree. I want to work with under served communities.”

Lauren explains why it’s important to give back: “I’ve tried to build a life around a passion for community service and philanthropy, and sometimes it’s difficult when you don’t see the immediate effects of what you’ve done. But I hope that those who have given to support my scholarship know that they’re directly investing in someone’s future. If enough people do that, we’re all investing in our own future as well – who knows if our paths will cross some day? And you won’t even know you were responsible for where I am at that moment. Thank you!”

Jarrod Baggott

Emily Niemi

Brooke Mullins

Carrie Pascarella