Thank you, UFM!

A snowy day in early April. Sigh… But also, a fitting day to say thank you to those often forgotten employees on campus that help us tolerate it!

Kent State’s University Facilities Management provides comprehensive maintenance of 137 academic, administrative, athletic, and residence hall buildings on a 24 hour, 7 days-a-week schedule. The department also maintains 941 contiguous acres of rolling hills, woods, and manicured greens. One of the responsibilities included in this… snow removal, which is one heavy lift considering the size of the university.

On behalf of all the students at Kent State, FLASHanthropy wanted to remind everyone of the hard work UFM does, as well as say thank you and pay it flash forward to our UFM employees today! Thank you for everything you do to keep the university looking as beautiful as it is, and to keep us safe as well.